Happy New Year!

Over the next weeks I’ll be doing some more of these talking about how best to deal with carpet and sofa emergencies and some handy tips to keep them in shape. This week though I just wanted to start by answering a much asked question, how often should I get my carpet cleaned professionally.


The Carpet Cleaners & Dundee food bank

Good morning guys and girls, today we will start selling our raffle tickets for our partners Dundee food bank!

Tickets are 50p each once, and once we have sold the full 500 tickets in the book we will do a live draw and pick a lucky number using the random generator app. 

Red wine spillage on wool carpet

Red wine spillage on wool carpet . We called by an panicking customer that was carrying in couple bottles for red wine and as she open her door the bottle clatter together and one them smashed open, the lady know enough not to try clean or look on net how to clean as she wanted it done right first time.we called about 90 mins after the spillage we got to work by rinsing out with just fresh clean water we got most of the wine out how ever this left a dark stain so we used one of our advanced s...