Red wine spillage on wool carpet

Red wine spillage on wool carpet . We called by an panicking customer that was carrying in couple bottles for red wine and as she open her door the bottle clatter together and one them smashed open, the lady know enough not to try clean or look on net how to clean as she wanted it done right first time.

we called about 90 mins after the spillage we got to work by rinsing out with just fresh clean water we got most of the wine out how ever this left a dark stain so we used one of our advanced stain removers and this removed that stain.

we then gave the carpet a full deep clean and customer was very pleased with our work however lessons on this job for customers is DONT go on you tube to find out harm full ways to temp clean because once an temp clean has failed you have a great chance of sealing that stain permanently in result that you may need to buy new carpet.

If the customer had stain shield applied to her carpet and this would been a few mins job for her to mob up with kitchen roll and that would had saved her money and the hassle of calling out an Mcelhinneys trained carpet cleaner and full deep clean that was then needed as was an lighter cleaner shade to treated area so when we said this to customer she thought this is something she going need to have done we treated that room with our stain shield for extra peace of mind I hope she will never need to use it but its now been done in case

we thank you all so much for taking the time to read our first blog and I'm better carpet and upholstery cleaner than I am at bloging

many thanks Kieran