Happy New Year!

Hello friends,

I hope it’s been a great start to the year for you all! Since that’s us just back to work again I thought it’d be a good time to put up the first blog post on the site!

I’m gonna be doing a few of these over the next wee while, sharing some tips on how to get the best out of your carpets and how to best deal with stains, as well as some general updates from us at the Carpet Cleaners.

Even though the Christmas break was very welcome it’s great to be back on the road again now. Almost felt as chaotic as work trying to get all the presents for the kids and stopping them finding them early! Was great to see the wee ones excited though and somehow my diet managed to stay on course even though I’d taken the weeks off! Another two-and-a-half-pounds closer to my 12 stone target.

Over the next weeks I’ll be doing some more of these talking about how best to deal with carpet and sofa emergencies and some handy tips to keep them in shape. This week though I just wanted to start by answering a much asked question, how often should I get my carpet cleaned.

The truth is, there is no standard time when it comes to how often you need a professional clean. It’s a question we get asked a lot, so I guess a quick guide would be for two adults, non-smoking: 6-12 months, smoking: 4-6 months. If there are children or pets running around we would recommend every 6 months at least, and if you have pets and kids on the loose, you’d be looking at every 3 months or so.   

It all depends on the strains it is being put under though, as well as how it is being maintained by hovering and such in between cleans. A dirty carpet contains soil and debris that wear your carpet’s fibres, the essential role of the professional clean is to remove these damaging particles while freshening up the carpet.

I hope everyone had a good holiday time anyway, and that Santa was good to you! Here’s to a happy 2018 for all!

Kieran x